Medical Industry

Bar code technology and hospital existing HIS, LIS system, combined with the application of the basic information of the patient and the results of the examination of the whole hospital network. It proves that the combination of bar code technology and information system platform can greatly optimize and standardize the process of hospital work, reduce the error rate, Doctors and patients can benefit from that.

Outpatient department application solution

In patients with access to the hospital registration room, then by virtue of the ID card for registration, the system timely courage ID number to generate the identity card'. ID card will be there. The ID number of the bar code, patient name, sex, date of birth, etc.. In order to ensure the uniqueness of the bar code and the universal, the ID number is the basis of the bar code. Because patients in the hospital, the specific information is often changed, the bar code is recommended to use one-dimensional bar code. 'Identity card' of the material can be used for a strong pet, so that long-term use. The main role of the identity card: 1) patients in the first personal information on the plane, the next time again, no need to enter again, improve the registration rate. 2) patients in the hospital after the registration of all activities can be used to confirm the identity of the bar code and recorded in the computer, easy to call.

when patients see a doctor, the doctor can use Easy networking terminal, read patients registered on the card barcode scanner, with troops and previous inspection record query.

When patients need to viviperception , After a doctor's sampling, the specimen is labeled with the name of the patient's name and bar code, which is more concise than the existing paper package, and can reduce the error. The same method is used in the test section to collect the specimen.

Charge department:
Scan patient registration card, read the bar code, charges and will confirm the data sent to the laboratory or pharmacy.
Clinical laboratory:

Received in the monitoring department after inspection standard sample, the scanner will with barcode scanning into the computer, first confirm the payment, and then automatically generated (in containing the patient information) detection table input test results, and print it out, because the doctor can check detection results on the computer network, therefore a single reference in supply patients should be duplicates.

Pharmacy confirmation in receive a charge of payment information, then dispensing and with good medicine packaging affixed to indicate the patient's name and use tags to patients with confirmed that prevent errors. After dispensing in the display to inform the patient take medicine. After scanning the patient registration card to confirm the identity of the bar code information, the drug will be sent to patients.

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