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Fifteen years ago, Gainscha group launched its first thermal receipt printer independently, this launching symbolized formal birth of Mini printers in Gainscha. At that time, the applications of thermal receipts were relatively rare in various industries. Gainscha believed strongly that a bright future and vast potential for the market application prospects of thermal receipt printers would be achievable. Nowadays, thermal receipts are concern of every industry and are ubiquitous in our daily lives, such as Catering kitchen receipts, Cashier receipts, ATM receipts, POS receipts, Taxi receipts, Shopping receipts etc. It follows that it is considered to be successful for thermal printer industry, specialization and segmentation have been occurred gradually and the standardize configurations for low to high-end printers are more intensifying than before.

Low-end printers:  1~2 connectivity, print speed at 150mm/s.
Mid-end printers:  1~3 connectivity, print speed at 200mm/s.
High-end printers:  2~3 connectivity, print speed at 300mm/s.

New business brings new requirements, to be the market leader of mini receipt printer in China, the situation makes it necessary for Gainscha to highly create a perfect cost-effective printer working with the customers for appreciating their supports and long-term trust. GP-L80250I works with new technology of 3-in-1 interfaces and multi-functions to enable its configurations at the mid to high end level along with attractive price and deserve to be thought has a considerable use value.

GP-L80250I takes advantaged technologies that separated cutter and print head on mechanism, inverted installation of main board, compact design with strong functions, and water-proof, oil-proof, dust-proof, this is ideal for kitchen perfectly.

Other key features:
● 3-in-1 interfaces with good reliability
● Fast connection by 100M Ethernet port to avoid receipt misprinting
● Auto-recovery printing after internet disconnection
● Support Ethernet printing status monitor
● High speed driver printing mode, 66% improvement in print speed via Serial port

GP-L80250I comes with high speed printing at 250mm/s, good performance and cost-effective. It is adequate to satisfy any strict printing requirements in catering industry and this model perfectly exemplifies the motivating force behind the Gprinter brand.

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