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New marketing changes of Thermal Barcode printer

GPRINTER 3" thermal transfer barcodeprinter GP-9034T, GP-9035T, GP-9025T, GP-9026T, they got a good feedback fromend-user’s after launching into market , and the common feature for these4 kinds of barcode printers is that the Ribbon width is 90mm andthe maximum printing width is up to 81mm.

According to market investigation, theusage of barcode printers increases yearly in many fields such as medical,jewelry, clothing, logistics, and they often requires printing width within 3inches, that’s why GPRINTER 3" barcode printers have been warmlywelcomed by end-users. 

To sales perspective, GPRINTER 3"thermal transfer barcode printers have four features:

1.   Cost effectiveness

GPRINTER as alocal brand, it’s based in China at the beginning and has developed itsbusiness in Chinese market. GPRINTER understand more about the real demands ofChinese people, we are always to minimize dealers’ purchasing cost on thepremise of quality assurance, so that people can buy and use barcode printer atmore reasonable price.

2.   Highcompatibility

GPRINTER barcodeprinters can be compatible with most of barcode instructions on market, whichwill ensure the convenient and humanized printing, as so to improve theprinting speed to save time.

3.   Longwarranty period

How confident weare - No matter in quality or function, we are great confident in our barcodeprinter which is researching and developing by ourselves, so a long warrantyperiod will be given to our dealers which will be able to improve their serviceto users.

4.   OfferingOEM service

Since founded, thepurport of GPRINTER is taking service for China''s commercial market, andprovide them reasonable priced special printer as a mission. Therefore,GPRINTER is offering an open and inclusive learning platform. We not onlycontribute to China''s commercial market, but also encourage and support otherswho’re in the same industry to builda market environment of fair competition. Hence, weare willing to provide OEM service for coworkers so as to together cast our ownlocal brands.

GPRINTER barcodeprinters are closely adapted to market demand based on condition of“independent research and development” and “continuous learning and progress”.Please believe that GPRINTER will give you a brilliant future.

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