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Application solutions of bar code label printers

Gprinter is a leading Supplier oflabel printing equipment in China, especially the Barcode Label printersis famous with its advantges of small size, flexible and easy controlfunctions. Gprinter’s barcode printers are applied in variousindustries and approved by the vast number of users, mainly applie inlogistic, manufacturing, education, libraries, retails and more industries.


Gprinter’s bar code label printers can meetall the demands about freight, Baggage tracking and delivery, ensurepassenger business and freight management work on time. Our printersare reliable and high-speed in printing, they will not delay your work. So asto support automatic processing and improve working efficiency, you canprint tickets with barcode in high resolution and labels for cargo tracking.Thanks to easy control and small size, desktop thermal printers are widely used for printing tickets, border pass, receipts and baggage claimcredentials. Also thanks to durability of labels and output in batches,thermal transfer printers apply to logistic, Gprinter’s printing solutions cankeep logistic industry continuous improvement


Whether you want to track the materials infactory or materials in whole supply chain,Gprinter’s solutions can provide youaccurate identity. Our printers and labels can satisfy the requirements ofdifferent conditions,they can adapt to extreme temperatures andhumidity,against chemical erosion,anti-knock, shock resistance. They can helpyou manage materialstrack the process of manufacturecontrol the qualityand provide you information to identify products, optimize manufacture andinformation stream.

Gprinter’s abundant product line cansatisfy all your requirements for label printing,the printers with highresolution can print mini barcode label for circuit board and small parts,andhigh-speed printers and industrial printers can make labels in standard sizeand big size.

Health care

No matter in reception centresickbedpharmacy orother places, Gprinter’s technology solutions of barcode provide basic securityfor patients in health care industry. Correctly identifying patientsmedicinesamplesmethod oftreatmentexperimental result and record can improve the quality ofmedical work. Hundreds of hospitalslaboratoriesclinics useGprinter’s solutions to ensure all the activities depend on correct datas.

Gprinter’s wristband printers can providesafetyreliable and long time lasting labels for patientsmeet thedemands about privacy and safety. Even though long term usage or washingrepeatedly ,there is no color fadingdirty and effectdecreased.  

Education and library

Gprinter has time-saving printingsolutions, they can meet the demands about identify of employeesstudents andproperties. Lightweight desktop printers can print labels for all itemspropertiesand documents. With help of Gprinter’s various label solutions libraries cansave time for loan deskbookcase and operating. To stick the barcode labels on booksaudio-visualproductsCD and the other resource, let them go through hundreds of scanning.The mobile printers print labels for bookcases and properties anytime andanywhere so that to avoid noneffective back and forth from bookcase andoffice.


Gprinter’s mature solutions can help youmanage customersproducts salesshelves and staff  more effectively. The mobile printingand trading system can reduce customers’ waiting time and improve customerservice quality. Gprinter’s printing solutions can improve the workefficiency between backstage and point-of-sales and each positions betweenthem by using the methods below:

At site of activity printing can savelabor costs and improve accuracy of price tagsprice tags withdiscountshelf labels and the other activities of product sales.By usingInternet connect to mobile printing system, storage, POS applicationscan audit price accurately and transmit the change of price.

Gprinter’s printers and consumables provideprice tags for all your product sales, including tickets, labels for jewelriesand small commodities, large-sized labels for durable goods and largeproduct,low temperature resistant and moisture proof materials foragricultural products and frozen foods.

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