Fixed assets Industry

Large assets efficient,accurate tracking and management

Through the bar code technology to identify, collect, and Internet communication technology, realize the life cycle of fixed assets and the use status of the whole tracking, the identification of the assets in the inventory or daily management show that the bar code technology is the most prominent features: convenient, fast and accurate, greatly improve the efficiency of inventory, and ensure the information flow and asset real logistics. In order to solve the problem of large amount of work, tedious, and the fact that the fixed assets management of fixed assets in real time management has provided an effective way.

The enterprise and institution

Large and medium-sized enterprises, institutions, are a large scale, a branch of the country all over the country. Because of the need to manage the total number of assets, many branches, and companies often only have headquarters, the number of departments to manage the national assets, the company's annual inventory and inventory, often occur in real estate assets and business ERP system in the financial module of the record, the basic information of many assets are not in conformity with the actual state of the assets and financial system does not match the phenomenon. 
Under this circumstance,The enterprise adopts the bar code label to label the assets. The enterprise can realize the whole life cycle of fixed assets and the use of the status of the whole life cycle and the use of the state. It provides an effective way to solve the problem of large amount of work in the physical management of fixed assets, and the complex and real problem. 

In the course of through the headquarters of the assets of the asset data consolidation and import, can modify many of the original financial system error data, the standard of the daily management of the assets of the process, will be the daily management of the assets of the branches into the headquarters of the monitoring. Solve the problem of the fixed assets of the object, realize the data in the daily management of the data collection, input. At the same time, through the fixed assets in kind and labeling, get the most accurate assets in kind information.


Bar code is an important basis for library automation management, connecting the entire process from production data to the use of data to borrow books, the inherent characteristics of the bar code itself, simple, and can be used repeatedly and so on. With the wide application of the computer in the library, bar code plays a vital role in the library automation management.



Bar code and library, bar code and the reader's permit to establish the one-to-one correspondence between the barcode has unique characteristics, when each of the book, each reader's card to borrow is given only a specific bar code identification, it has a positioning function. Therefore, books circulation query management and reader management is very convenient and accurate.   


Bar code technology is an automatic identification technology, compared with other ways of searching using barcode retrieval is the quickest and most convenient and accurate, because it can help to read code is scanned into computer compared with manual input more quickly and accurately, in all aspects of library management, both books circulation, books query, reader management, inventory stacks will bar code to retrieve the optimal search point.


The bar code can be used repeatedly, and has the advantages of convenient use, accurate retrieval, low cost, time saving, labor saving, avoiding the traditional manual operation management library such as fill in the book bag card, management books, such as complicated, inefficient and error prone and so on. Therefore, the use of bar code has become an integral part of the library automation management.

In addition, natural loss of bar code, such as a bar code by repeated use of natural wear and aging, fading and pollution will influence to the bar code reading and lives of the accuracy of. Therefore, library print bar code not only to standard specification, and should be in bar code covered a layer of protective film, so as to durability and moisture, insects.

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