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China has a proverb “People always put food as a priority item in their life”.  Catering and restaurant industry has always been a very competitive industry. They are competing for food style, flavor, pricing, restaurant environment, service quality, and management style. And they are competing with each other by all means. The application of barcode technology becomes popular with the latest advancement in computer technology. With the growing popularity of adopting modern computer technology and bar code technology to daily life, some discerning catering industry businessman began to adopt advanced technological means of bar code technology, network technology and computer technology in their management, and strive to introduce traditional meal high in lead industry corporate culture of technology. And they can access to new development opportunities in the fierce market competition.

Looking back at the entire catering market, more than 80% of the western and Chinese restaurants are facing similar embarrassing situation. On one hand, they are concern if they can attract customer to choice to dine in their restaurant. On the other hand, they will further worry about their services quality and management. Could that be good enough and be up to the customer’s expectation to keep customer return again. Slight services, neglect to customer and bad management will finally result in losing customer. For those restaurants or catering enterprises that cannot solve the problem that take too long in food ordering, food cooking and kitchen works, food servicing to the customer, and take too long for customer to pay for the bill. They will fail to survive in the competition. There is a large amount of information that needed to process in each elements of operation in the running a restaurant. They need to improve the operation efficiency in all aspect. And they need to ensure an accurate and fast services action in their operation.

Currently, some restaurant and catering industry start to adopt bar code automatic identification technology and complete turnkey solutions of information technology in the operation.  The restaurant start the process from taking care the reservation from customer, customer reception, arranging table for customer, dishes promoting and ordering, sending food ordered to the kitchen and billing system, kitchen work order printing, cooking and production in kitchen, confirmation by barcode, waiter pantry, customers pay for the bill, and other all the concerned services will be consolidated in by turnkey solution of information technology. They are adopting the bar code recognition technology in the whole process and computerized management work flow. They are able to reduce operation cost, as well as ensuring the high efficiency in the entire business segment. They can reduce customer wait time for everything and the chance of human error, dramatically improve service quality and improve customer satisfaction.

In addition, the use of bar code technology and information technology management work flow can be used in logistics as well. It can cover the process of purchase, storage, verification, monitoring all aspects of control as well as cost accounting. It will turn the whole business process to be highly automated and can ensure to minimize the operation cost.

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