Clothing industry

Printing solutions for the Clothing industry

The development of the clothing industry has greatly promoted the development of China’s national economy. There are many SKU in the clothing industry, and it is difficult to achieve refined management by manpower. However, many clothing companies realize that independent production and sales could not adapt the fast-growing market and constantly changing customer needs now,  the key to maintaining long-term competitive advantage lies in the establishment of strategic partnerships, forming a supply chain that runs through all enterprises from suppliers to manufacturers even to distributors and retailers, to obtain the overall competitive advantage through complementary advantages, and to achieve the goal of win-win partnerships finally.

Have you encountered the following annoying troubles in Clothing manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail and others?

1. There is a MOQ requirement for the printing of washing label and other clothing accessories, the delivery time of printing is too long, and the cost is high?
2. Low production efficiency during peak seasons and rising labor costs, make it more difficult to recruit workers?
3. The clothing wholesale store has limited space, resulting in the accumulation of goods, and it is inconvenient to use the computer?
4. There are many colors, sizes, styles, brands for clothing, is it very difficult to manage inventory?
5. The wholesale store and the warehouse are in different places, and the order information has to be transmitted for stocking and delivery?
6. Manual order is slow, error-prone and inefficient?

When development encounters problems, we all want to solve them quickly, but we often don't know how to solve it, especially in the fierce competition in the clothing industry, how to stand out, you may need other technologies and tools to assist you.

Gainscha empowers the printing solutions for clothing industry, its products categories can cover the entire circulation process of the clothing industry, from clothing manufacturing to wholesale distribution and retail.

Let's take a look at how the Gainscha's printer plays a role in each process, and how to solve the problems you encounter.

Printing solutions for the Clothing industry

Production and manufacturing application - washing mark / washing label, clothing tag / certificate printing

Clothing label/washing label, clothing tag, certificate and other materials printing are indispensable for clothing manufacturing.

Although the process looks like simple, there is a big difference in fact, such as labor cost, product quality, product competitiveness, etc. Especially for the factory workshop of a clothing factory, the quantity of printed washing marks is large, and the efficiency requirements will be relatively high. It is suitable to choose a printer that has a fast printing speed and with an automatic cutter, we recommend using Gprinter GP-1834TC, this model can be equipped with an automatic cutter when they are purchased, and can be set to cut each label after printing.

Gprinter GP-1834TC is a thermal transfer barcode printer with high-configuration, integrated mechanism design, sturdy and durable, dual sensor design, automatic paper detection, optional cutter and peeler, fast printing speed, more convenient and efficient to use, and you can design any style, size, specification, washing logo and other contents of the washing label through the free editing software provided by Gainscha.


Clothing wholesale application --- Packing box/carton label, shipping label printing (warehouse)

These situations are often encountered in the clothing wholesale operation: small stores, inconvenient to use computers; many types of brands, too many styles, and efficient warehousing requirements, accurate data verification, real-time inventory quantity, and timely replenishment of goods; wholesale stores and warehouse in a different place, the mobile terminal cannot send and print orders remotely, and the order information has to be transmitted for stocking and delivery.

Gprinter S-4342 printer can solve many difficulties fundamentally, when the wholesale store and the warehouse are not together, Gprinter S-4342 can print the shipment order to realize the remote printing requirement of the mobile terminal. The printing is not limited by the distance, and the order can be delivered anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, there is no need to build a local network and multiple offline stores, or multiple stores online and offline can share a cloud printer for printing to enable the improving efficiency and reducing costs.

On the other hand, Gprinter S-4342 can be easily operating during the picking and delivery process. For the color, style, size, material and other content of each clothing, Gprinter S-4342 can print the label with the required information,  and check the actual product according to the label on the box, scan it into the system, and after the data is confirmed, the final verified label is printed after the sealing the carton.

In terms of convenience, this operation solves the problems of handwriting errors and system account reconciliation. It not only improves work efficiency but also standardizes business operations.

Retail Store Application - Receipt/Clothing Tag Printing

In clothing retail stores, you can use the Gprinter GP-58MBIII+ receipt printer to print the receipt of the consumption list. In addition, the clothing tags are usually hung when they are shipped from the factory. However, when they are sold in stores, the tags often fall off and become damaged. If the factory reprints or re-sends it, it takes long time for operation, and it may miss the immediate sales opportunity because there is no tag. Equipped with Gprinter GP-1224T in retail stores, you can reprint the missing common tags at any time, which is efficient and convenient.


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