Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics Solutions

Smart logistics is different from traditional logistics. Under the application background of the overall solution of the Internet of Things, it can complete the distribution more efficiently and cost-effectively, and the potential for future development will be very large. It is precisely because of this that both Alibaba, JD.com and SF Express are vigorously developing their own smart logistics. Especially in the current era of emerging Internet e-commerce, there are more and more festivals, and peak logistics have emerged. Logistics has also become a "severe disaster area" where problems gather and a "flood release area" where responsibilities are shirked. Urgent shipments and frequent transfers , Warehouse explosion and shortage of goods, customer complaints, soaring costs, uneven load of personnel and equipment, repeated complaints and complaints, etc.

A well-known XX logistics software can easily realize functions such as remote order placement, smart pasting of addresses, team sharing, smart printing, and automatic logistics tracking through the WeChat applet/APP/web page and the Gainscha GP-CH421D cloud printer. The staff of the express delivery place conduct reconciliation and settlement through the XX outlet management system, and perform online management of printers, couriers, and merchants, effectively improving the efficiency and service level of the supply chain, reducing overall costs, achieving comprehensive status monitoring, and bringing customers Come smart, efficient, and excellent shipping experience.

Express logistics smart shipping process:
The customer arrives at any designated delivery place (4S store, supermarket, hotel, etc.), scans the QR code provided by the delivery place, enters the WeChat applet or APP shipping page, fills in the sender's information as required, and selects the courier For information such as company, cargo name, weight, etc., click Place Order to complete the submission, and the shipment can be easily completed.

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