Dry Laundry Industry

Printing Solutions for the Dry Laundry Industry

In recent years, the laundry industry has developed rapidly, and dry cleaners have sprung up, and almost every community will have a laundry store. Economic development, the improvement of people's living standards and the development of the fashion industry have led to the diversification of clothing fabrics, which has brought a huge market opportunity for the laundry industry.

Many fabrics cannot be washed at home, and more and more people are willing to hand over the cleaning work to laundry stores, and the people will get more free time to arrange other things.
Dry laundry stores are generally divided into single store and chain stores. A single store can do the washing job in their store, and a chain store will have a unified dry laundry factory.

Question:  Dry laundry stores may receive and distribute many clothes every day, and each clothes must be corresponds to a different customer. How does the dry laundry store distinguish it? What are the processes?

According to a chain of dry laundry store in Wuhan, in the early years, the operation process was too traditional, when the customer brings clothes to the store, we used a triplicate handwritten receipt, one for the store, one for the clothes, and one for the customer. However, this process has a higher probability of making mistakes and losing clothes, and the user experience is not very good.

With the development of technology and the Internet, laundries are also changing, many single stores have been transformed into chain stores with a central laundry factory; the business mode has changed from delivery by customers to picking clothes by dry cleaners. Combined with laundry software, customers can place orders independently anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone APP or WeChat mini program. After receiving the order by the laundry, the logistics truck will follow up the order information to collect the clothes. After dry-cleaned, the logistics truck will deliver it back to customers, the whole process is very convenient and effective.

To reduce errors in laundry work, and to have credentials to track, printers are indispensable, and thermal transfer label printers and thermal receipt printers are commonly used in the laundry industry.


The label printer is mainly used for printing washing label and clothes marking, and the thermal receipt printers is mainly used for printing tickets for customers.

Gainscha Technology provides printing solutions for the laundry industry, GP-1624TC, GP-1634TC thermal transfer label printers are recommended and currently cooperates with many laundry software developers to help laundry factories to solve printing problems.

The 120mm paper width can meet the requirements of printing different label sizes. The new-added auto-cutter for cutting washing labels makes the operation more convenient, it supports a variety of material printing such as continuous paper, die-cut paper, black mark paper, washing label, ribbon, silk cloth, etc.

According to relevant statistics, the scale of the dry laundry market will continue to grow at a rate of 30% every year at present, and Gainscha Technology will continue to provide more printing solutions for the dry laundry industry.


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