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Electronic Invoice Cloud Printing Solution

In this era of artificial intelligence where e-commerce has also become a traditional industry, the new retail mode combining online and offline has begun to become popular. This mode has successfully counterattacked traditional retail stores and has become a popular sweet pastry sought after by the whole people. But at the same time as the turnover increased greatly, problems such as wrong orders, missed orders, and untimely reminders of orders have also begun to plague the "new retail"; how to fully control the massive online and offline orders? How to get the goods order at the same time the customer places the order, so as to achieve real-time delivery? This is an urgent problem to be solved in the current "new retail" mode. Gainscha Smart Cloud Printer can easily connect to various industry management apps, and can automatically print immediately after receiving the order information. It is undoubtedly born for the "new retail".

Gainscha receipt cloud printing does not require computers or manual labor, connect to power and use, shopping become intelligent:

As more and more young people step out of the campus to enter the society, the traditional vegetable market has gradually withdrawn from the stage. Nowadays, the "smart vegetable market" is very popular. However, building a "smart vegetable market" has high technical content and high labor costs, which discourages many merchants.

Any one of Gainscha GP-R220C+ or GP-R221C combined with the vegetable market management APP perfectly solves the problems of merchants and helps the citizens to become intelligent in their food baskets.

Smart basket online scene: Citizens log in to the APP with their mobile phones and freely select fruits, vegetables, fish, and seafood from the major farmer’s markets in the city in the APP, complete the payment online, the Gainscha cloud printer will automatically print the order, and the packer will follow Orders are garnished and packaged, and citizens can choose to pick them up after get off work or ask for them to be delivered to their door.

Smart basket offline scene: citizens go to the farmer’s market to buy vegetables on-site, smart electronic scales weigh on-site, and the Gainscha cloud printer automatically prints the receipts. The time, stalls, dishes, weight, and amount of the vegetables are clear at a glance. The citizens can not only pay in cash, but also you can choose to pay online, making it convenient and worry-free to buy food from now on.

Gainscha CH421D label cloud printing docking system software realizes self-service printing of WeChat electronic invoices:

We has introduced Gainscha CH421D label cloud printer, which can easily connect with major express logistics software, realize intelligent receiving and sending, and is the originator of smart logistics printing solutions. Such a powerful CH421D cloud printer is still a duck to water in the new retail industry, and it is very easy to play.

I believe everyone is familiar with such a scene when eating in a restaurant or shopping in a shopping mall, and asking the merchant to issue an invoice for reimbursement or other purposes. When there are too many orders, consumers who ask for invoices line up, and the shop assistants are in a hurry. It is not uncommon for wrong or missed tickets. Gainscha CH421D intelligent cloud printer has developed the function of docking with the electronic invoice system software for the pain point of this industry. Consumers can use WeChat/Phone to scan the code to print invoices, which not only improves the efficiency of merchants' invoicing, but also enhances the customer experience, and saves the labor cost of invoicing and reduces the paper cost of invoicing. And consumers, no longer have to worry about lost or dirty invoices that cannot be reimbursed!

Gainscha 4-inch electronic invoice cloud printing GP-CH421D is an extended application product of the most popular "cloud technology". It does not need to connect additional complicated equipment such as computers and mobile phones. The printer can print through a network cable or 4G network. Save time and effort, very convenient.

For hotels, catering, accommodation, gas stations and other industries with a large demand for invoices, you can directly place several Gainscha 4-inch electronic invoice cloud printing GP-CH421D at the front desk, allowing customers in need to print invoices by themselves, saving money It saves the labor cost and saves the customer's time cost. Those who need it can take it by themselves, killing two birds with one stone.


Perfect hardware facilities, powerful software functions, and a wide range of applications:

At present, Gainscha Cloud printers have been widely used in takeaway orders, smart restaurants, queuing, smart sign-in for meetings or visitors, smart logistics, smart baskets, and electronic invoices. In the future, Gainscha Cloud Printer will explore the intelligent upgrade applications of cloud printers in other industries. Gainscha welcomes merchants or software developers from industries such as clothing, tourism, medical care, books, and exhibitions to communicate with our company in depth and work together to realize industry intelligence.


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