Food Safety Solutions


Background and Challenges


At present, the issue of food hygiene and safety has become one of the most concerned livelihood issues in society. We had faced inconformities from dioxins, Sudan red, melamine, to waste oil, blending agents, antibiotics, etc.; In the mean while, the management level of catering enterprises are desired for improvement, particularly consult food processing places are dirty, messy, poor, and not disinfected according to regulations. The situation has laid hidden dangers for the occurrence of mass food hygiene and safety incidents.


In order to provide innovation solution for catering enterprises , and to help relevant regulatory authorities build an efficient and unified food supervision system, andPromptly detect and deal with violations of laws and regulations, a set of food safety supervision solutions is urgently needed.



Gainscha Food Safety Solutions


Gainscha food safety application is an intelligent solution that integrates professional scanning code, cloud printing, 5.5-inch large display screen and high-end tablet configuration and other functions, combining A3 smart handheld printer and food safety management software (APP). It can be widely used in dining halls,schools,enterprises & institutions,private enterprise canteens, individual catering enterprises, food processing enterprises, farmers markets and other occasions.



Customer Value&Problem Solving


In the past, Food retention labels were written manually, and could not be tracking online;

There are many food retention samples kept in campus everyday, a printer can reduce manual writing workload.

Label was printed with a computer connection previously. Using A3 not only increased the flexibility of the canteen, but also provided more convenience for the canteen;

To better be an excellent enterprise, the standardized supervision and workflow of canteen food should be integrated.



In the future, Gainscha food safety application solutions will continue to upgrade and iterate from the standpoint of smart food safety supervision, providing efficient services for schools, enterprises and institutions, private enterprise canteens, individual catering enterprises, food processing enterprises, farmers markets, etc. Committed to create food safety smart supervision model.

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