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Supermarket cashier

Billing prints

Efficient and fast checkout is one of the factors affecting the profitability and customer satisfaction of large and medium-sized supermarkets. Whether it can quickly provide consumers with concise and clear consumption details is the key to affecting the efficiency of checkout. Gainscha Technology has launched a rich series of receipt printing products to meet diverse customer needs.

The 58mm series thermal receipt printer for small chain store adopts a super durable print head, which has a long service life and is easy to maintain;

The 80mm series thermal high-end receipt printers for large chain stores and supermarkets have passed many years of application verification in various industries such as retail and catering. They are stable and durable, easy to operate, feature-rich, and are favored by users.

Shopping invoice printing

Gainscha Technology has brought a perfect solution for the printing of supermarket invoices.

Gainscha Technology has launched the first Dot matrix receipt printer with "easy load paper" design in China, which is easy to use and durable. Just "open the cover - put in the roll paper - close the cover", the paper loading operation can be easily completed, which simplifies the cashier's paper changing steps and greatly improves the work efficiency. At the same time, the dust-proof design of key components of the printer can effectively prevent dust and other debris from falling into it; the printing dot is precise controlled dynamically adjusts its frequency of use, effectively improving the reliability of the print head.

Transaction receipt printing

Currently, Gainscha technology has developed a thermal receipt printer for the  application requirements of credit card checkout, which can meet the printing of various consumables such as ordinary thermal roll-type receipt paper and POS special pressure-sensitive paper. While experiencing high-speed printing, the product's high reliability, easy maintenance design, and large paper bins allow users to no longer be troubled by problems such as slow printing speed and frequent paper refill in the all-in-one POS machine.

Backend management

Commodities label printing

Commodity price tags are not only a bridge to provide customers with commodity information, but also an important identification for merchants to take inventory. The product price tag printed by a barcode printer, including barcode, name, price, specification, origin, grade and other information. The salesperson only needs to hold the wireless terminal to scan the goods and easily complete the commodity inventory job, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the probability of errors.

Gainscha Technology provides a barcode label printer with 5inch/s high-speed printing for commodity price label printing. This series of products supports 104mm printing width, supports single-row, multi-row, adhesive labels, jewelry and tag and other label printing, and also meets the price tag printing of thermal paper, coated paper, silver paper and other materials; support 300m carbon ribbon and 120mm diameter paper roll, suitable for high-volume and fast printing.


Storage Label Printing

Deploy Gainscha thermal transfer label barcode printer in your warehouse system can barcode information such as cargo location, shelf and product identification, and cooperate with data acquisition equipment to easily realize the in-out, transfer, return, receipt and return of goods, etc. In addition to improving the efficiency of inventory management, the information management of operation links is more important to effectively reduce inventory loss and reduce operating costs.

Gainscha Technology thermal transfer label barcode printer can adapt to various complex and busy working environments; the operation panel has multiple multi-function touch buttons and indicator lights, warehouse managers can easily and quickly perform various operations on the printer. Operation and configuration; comes with a cutter, no need to tear it by hand, which can meet the high-intensity printing needs of modern logistics.


Assets Label Printing

Fixed assets have the characteristics of large quantity, high value, long service life and various types. If they still rely on traditional manual management methods, it will bring great difficulties to management.

In the management of fixed assets, enterprises use Gainscha Technology barcode printers to print asset management barcode labels, paste the labels on physical objects, and use the barcode as a carrier to assign a unique number to each physical object. The staff only needs to use the barcode reader to read the barcode on the fixed asset to realize the whole-process monitoring and efficient management of the physical object from purchase to scrap, improve the speed and accuracy of asset management, and ensure the unity of "account, card and object". , manage and track assets effectively.


Other applications

Fresh weighing price tag printing

Electronic scales are important measurement equipment for fresh and bulk sales. In addition to accurate measurement, it is also necessary to print out measurement information and price information as checkout vouchers. According to on-site application scenarios, customers need the printer to support adhesive labels and have the function of liner recycling.

Gainscha Technology has tailored a desktop thermal transfer labeling printer specially used for logo printing according to the practical application requirements of fresh food price labels in supermarkets. The printer supports 6/9/12mm width printing tape cassettes, and has the characteristics of exquisite appearance and ultra-low noise, which warmly welcomed by supermarkets owner. In addition, the printer still adheres to the characteristics of Gainscha printer's stable performance, easy operation and maintenance, and can provide stable and reliable commodity price label printing function and fresh food.


Printing mechanism

A mechanism is the core of the Kiosk, and it is also the fundamental guarantee for the efficient operation of the equipment. Gainscha high-speed thermal front paper 58mm printing mechanism, having easy to load paper structure design, the printing speed can reach 300 mm/sec. Gainscha mechanism is widely used in POS terminals, automatic ticket machines, ticket label printing, self-service banking terminals, instrumentation, medical equipment, game machines, lottery machines and queuing machines.


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